steel silo construction spring valley mn

Keep Feed Fresher, Longer

Get started on your Harvestore steel silo construction project in Spring Valley, MN

Steel Constructors, Inc. is a steel silo construction company headquartered in Spring Valley, MN.
There's only one way to properly store livestock feed, and that's in a steel Harvestore silo. You can rely on our expert team to build steel Harvestore silos on your farm site. If you need steel silos dismantled, we can handle that, too. Our company will repurpose the old steel for use in future silo construction projects.
Call 507-346-2374 right away to arrange for steel silo construction or dismantling services. We can ship steel silos to any location in the United States, Canada or Europe.

Avoid costly dry matter loss

Turn to Steel Constructors for steel silo construction services in Spring Valley, MN. Over the years, Harvestore silos have become the go-to feed storage structures for farmers because they:

  • Have less dry matter loss than bags and bunkers
  • Help retain nutrient value longer
  • Allow for bottom unloading
  • Are expandable and transportable
  • Can be up to 106 feet tall

Contact us today to schedule steel silo construction services at your location.