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About the Owner

Mark Larson has many years of agricultural and industrial building experience. He was a Certified Builder for AO Smith Harvestore®, Engineered Storage Products, and has worked as a building foreman for over 35 years. In 1995 he became a partner at Bluff Country Equipment, a Harvestore® dealership, located in southeast Minnesota. In 2000, Mark purchased the company's equipment and formed Steel Constructors, Inc. He takes great pride in his work, holds his crew to a high standard, and is present at every job site to guarantee superior results for each customer.

When Mark and his wife, Debra, started Steel Constructors, their initial focus was erecting and dismantling used and new silos and Slurrystores® for Harvestore® dealerships around the United States. In the past five years Mark and Debra have begun exporting used Harvestore® silos and Slurrystores® to dealerships worldwide. Since its formation, Steel Constructors has also diversified to include building steel storage tanks for commercial and industrial purposes, from agriculture to food by-product.